Embroidery software – Telematics

About us

Wavenet is a developer and trader of high end technology products and services in the fields of telematics and software for automatic design and processing (CAD) for the embroidery sector. With our experienced staff and our strategic partnerships, we are able to recommend the most specialized technology solutions for your business, as well as fully support their successful implementation.

Our philosophy is the constant monitoring of technological advances, in order to provide the most innovative products and services to our customers worldwide. In addition, we focus on flexibility, because we consider it a very important part of the added value that our products and services give to our customers.

Our goal is to fully meet the growing needs of modern businesses and individuals through the provision of high quality products and services and a high level of support.

Our vision is to bestow the benefits of modern technology to as many businesses and individuals as possible, because we are confident that it is the best way for modern businesses to grow and successfully meet people’s everyday needs.