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WaveBus™ – Bus Fleet Management


WaveBus™ is an integrated and modern KTEL bus fleet managment system, that has been developed in Greece by Wavenet, after a diligent study of the needs of Greek KTEL buses.

WaveBus™ is here to automate and simplify the drivers’ tasks but also the managing role of the administrator. Furthermore, via new technologies, it adds new capabilities that every KTEL must take advantage of, not just for the better management of the buses, the reducing of the operation costs or the increasing of profits through advertising it can offer, but mostly for the significant upgrade of the services that are provided to the passengers.


Reduced operating costs


Increased profits


Increased driver and passenger safety


Reduced itinerary delays


Significant upgrade of provided services


Integrated task management


More efficient itinerary planning


Significant imporvement of the public image

Enter the digital age with the ultimate bus fleet management system WaveBus™

Integrated remote tracking and management of the buses fleet from any device

Quick and easy ticket printing on the buses with a latest generation wireless thermal printer

Display itineraries in colored LED signs via QR Codes, but also on monitors inside the bus station

Advantages of WaveBus™ for KTEL buses


Advantages of WaveBus™ for the Administrator (via the Cloud application)

  • Track your entire bus fleet from any computer, tablet, ipad, smartphone
  • Track position, speed, stop/parking of each vehicle
  • Instant and dynamic update of ticket issuing and number of passengers per vehicle and per user
  • Capability of publicly displaying the location of itineraries, for example on the KTEL website to better inform passengers
  • Manage tasks and itineraries
  • Manage stops, points of interest, ticket prices online
  • Monitoring of task/schedule compliance, estimation of itinerary completion time
  • Support for multiple users with different privileges, so that different people can manage different tasks, but not everyone has full privileges to the system

Advantages of WaveBus™ for the driver

  • Quick and easy ticket printing for maximum speed in passenger and driver service. The app automatically pre-selects the ticket to be issued based on location, time and itinerary
  • Online management of the driver’s tasks and itineraries. View a list of tasks and itineraries of each driver, updated directly by the administrator through the cloud application
  • Online two-way communication via messages between drivers and system administrator
  • Easy online update of itinerary price list by the administrator remotely on all buses, without the need for the input of each driver or a technician
  • Online update of the application, every time our company improves it. There is no need to upgrade locally on each bus
  • Online update of the server with the current location, speed and status of each vehicle, without the need for direct contact of the driver with the administrator
  • Direct online update of the server for issuing tickets from the application, as well as the number of passengers
  • Information on the number and type of tickets, the ticket office and the starting and destination points of each ticket

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