Embroidery software – Telematics


Telematics is a specialized field of technology that combines computer science and telecommunications. Telematics applications are rapidly gaining ground in the modern world by radically changing communications and the transmission of information. Today, they are available to customers at a very low cost.

Wavenet offers innovative telematics solutions for professionals and individuals. With its strategic partnership with Compucon, we offer you telematics solutions to meet specific needs of businesses and individuals who want to optimize the operation and safety of their vehicles, by implementing innovative management and monitoring tools. Our systems combine GPS/GIS technologies  using high quality devices along with specialized management software and GSM / GPRS networks. Depending on the functional features and capabilities they provide, our systems can be classified as follows:

  • Automatic vehicle location systems (AVL)
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Navigation and Surveillance systems

Our Fleet management software is available as:

  • Wavenet TeleDirector™ which is a complete fleet management solution.
  • Wavenet vsafe™ which is specialy designed for private vehicles safety.
  • WaveBus™ which is a complete fleet management solution for buses.

Our telematics products and services are suitable for companies operating in the fields of public transport, logistics, security, maritime transport, roadside assistance, car rentals, emergency services, as well as any company that uses a vehicle fleet, like salesmen, technical support companies etc, but to individuals as well.