Embroidery software – Telematics

Benefits of telematics for businesses

The installation of a telematics system has many benefits among which are the following:

  1. Track the vehicle’s location in real time
    See the exact address that your vehicle is at, knowing at any moment if your driver is on schedule.
  2. Track the movement in real time
    You can also see the exact course your driver has taken, carefully checking its correctness.
  3. Movement history
    If you want to check the movement history of your vehicles in regular predefined time windows (e.g. every week), our system gives you this ability too. The movement history of all your vehicles is available with many details.
  4. Improved efficiency
    With the reports that are available in our service, you can design the courses of your fleet more efficiently, track and eliminate needless stops of your drivers and potential diversions from predefined courses. This will help you reduce the time of delivery and receipt from your customers and suppliers.
  5. Reduce costs
    With the detailed reports that are available in our service, you can also track and eliminate any reckless driving behavior of your drivers, such as speeding, sudden braking or acceleration, non-scheduled stops and diversion from the predefined course, which all lead to increased fuel consumption. You can also reduce the total distance travelled, via better planning of the course, saving more fuel. Finally, you can spot any fuel theft, since our specialized devices show the exact fuel level, but also the volume that was put in it. This way you will avoid the direct theft, but also the potential theft through overpriced fuel invoices.
  6. Increased security
    Regardless of the crash avoidance through the elimination of reckless driving of your drivers, you have increased security of your drivers and your cargo, through the complete tracking of the vehicle’s behavior. You can see if the vehicle has diverted from its course or has stopped when it shouldn’t have, if it has arrived safely at its destination, if any door has opened before arriving at the delivery/receipt address, or if it’s open during the trip. Also, in refrigerator trucks, you can track if the temperature is in the right levels during the whole duration of the course. Finally, with the use of a panic button, the driver can notify you in case of an emergency, with a push of a button.
  7. Theft prevention
    In case of theft of your vehicle, you can easily track its location and recover it. You can also deactivate the engine remotely to immobilize it. Our device is installed in a place that it’s difficult to access, and has 7-day battery life, so even if the vehicle’s battery is unplugged or the power supply cables are cut, it can still send its exact location to you.
  8. Avoid using the vehicles during off-hours
    You can avoid the use of your vehicles during the off-hours of your business easily, through the instant update or movement history review.