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Wavenet Job Manager™ – Integrated Task Management

Wavenet Job Manager™ is the new integrated platform for managing itineraries and external tasks, which comes to radically facilitate the daily life of companies that have at least one employee in tasks of field workers (carriers, drivers, technicians, salesmen, etc.). With the innovative design and ease of use that characterize all Wavenet products, it is designed to be used simultaneously by all of the company’s departments for the purpose of immediate updates and coordination. From the orders department that will record the customer’s request, to the administrator who, by using multiple tools, will assign the tasks to the appropriate employees, to the field worker who will complete the work by sending real time proof of delivery, up to the accounting department that will track the performed work so that it can correctly invoice the customer quick and easy! Wavenet’s Job Manager™ now becomes the connecting link of your company’s departments, without losing valuable information between them.


Live task management


Advanced routing

Issuance of delivery/payment invoices

Real time Proof of Delivery


Multiple detailed reports

Link with existing ERP, CRM

App for fields workers

Efficient job management with Wavenet’s innovative Job Manager™ cloud platform


Each field worker is given a smartphone with WaveTask™ application, and a GPS Tracker device is installed in each vehicle

As they complete each task, they can issue and print invoices, enter proof of delivery, notes, photos and more

Through Job Manager™ cloud service, the administrator from his office, creates all the daily tasks and assigns them to the employees

The administrator sees everything in real time. The completion or non-completion of the tasks, the notes, the photos, invoices, earnings, the location of the vehicles etc

Workers see the tasks in WaveTask™ app automatically, in the correct order that they needed to be done. The order can also be calculated automatically

The administrator, by evaluating the daily reports of Job Manager™, improves the scheduling of tasks, significantly increasing the added value of the product


Cloud Application

The administrator controls everything via the cloud, receives updates and organizes the team in real time


WaveTask Android app

The field worker performs all the tasks with the help of a very simple and easy-to-use android application

Functionality in detail
Functionality Job Manager
Management of clientele and personnel
Assignment of appointments/tasks per vehicle and driver
Management of tasks according to customers' availability

Includes the top-tier system TeleDirector™ Fleet management/GPS Tracking

Task routing
Live update of task progress
Warehouse management
Multiple reports and statistics
Continuous free updates
Customized according to the customer's profile
Link with existing ERP, CRM
Ability to add pricing
Operation on the Cloud
Compatible with Android WaveTask


Automatic syncronization with the server
Automatic updates for upcoming appointments
Automatic updates for any cancellations and appointment additions to their schedule
Routing to the customer's address
Ability to call the customer
Issuance of delivery and payment invoices
Ability to print delivery receipts via a wireless thermal printer connected to the android device
Proof of Delivery - Ability to enter notes and take a photo
The administrator knows the progress of the appointments, the money the employee has collected, as well as the number of products he has delivered or received, in real time

*The above list is indicative and subject to change. Please contact us for a detailed offer


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