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EMBMarketplace.com is live!


We are really proud to present our newest product, EMBMarketplace.com. EMBMarketplace is the best place to buy embroidery designs and fonts for EOS, SnS, Spark or any other software!

Hundreds of Fonts

Hundreds of pre-Digitized Fonts of various types are available for immediate download upon purchase. They are compatible with EOS v.3+ and SnS v.2.1. For older versions, you must update your software first. The list will be constantly updated!

Thousands of embroidery designs

Thousands of high quality ready to be stitched embroidery designs in 54 categories are available for immediate download after purchase. Most of them are EMBMarketplace.com exclusive. The list will be constantly updated!

Free Coupon for all customers Promotion

All of the customers that will buy new or update license of EOS v.3+ or SnS v.2.1, will automatically receive a $10 coupon to buy whatever they want from EMBMarketplace.com!