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EOS v.3 plus is available

EOS v.3 plus embroidery software

The new version of Compucon EOS v.3 software, EOS v.3 plus is now officially available. Compucon joined forces with Wavenet to developed one of the most reliable embroidery software on the market.

The new EOS v.3 plus software has various updates and exiting new features. You can learn more and download a Demo at the following webpage:

EOS v.3 plus also works without a dongle. You don’t have to worry anymore about your dongle not working or lost. Your license is safe in Wavenet’s servers. Even if your computer breaks or is stolen, you can move your license to a new computer and block the old computer.

Existing EOS v.3 customers can update to EOS v.3 plus for a premium price. New customers can buy a new license easily from one of our agents around the world and receive it the next day. EOS v.3 plus prices are really competitive. Request a quote today.